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Whether you are a contractor with unused equipment, a rental company willing to rent or sell heavy machinery or a dealer marketing brand new machines, you can list for FREE on Ekuipa.

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Looking for a renewal of your equipment or a temporary need of a machine for a project? Ekuipa helps you to find easily what you are looking for and can helps you to handle the logistics.


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Are you far from your seller or renter and in need of a third party to check the equipment, assess the deal and take care of the logistics? Our experts can handle that on your behalf in several countries.

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There are countless unused machinery across the world at any given point in time. Through this marketplace, Ekuipa hopes to help construction contractors, rental companies and dealers to link up with contractors that are in need of machines and equipment, so as to reduce the number of idle equipment.

Ekuipa aims to digitize and smoothen the traditional time consuming and costly processes of buying, selling or renting construction equipment, all on a single marketplace.

Ekuipa provides services to facilitate the deal with your seller whether your are purchasing or renting equipment. Our expert are sent on site to check the machine that you are interested in and fills up a detailed quality chart. Most of the time, they can as well take care of the logistics. If you choose this option, ekuipa charges you a commission based on the value of the machine plus additional fees to handle the logistics.